We started QVIST because we want to design and build bike components that we love to ride ourselves. Especially hubs have always fascinated us and offered enough potential for improvement. QVIST is the archaic spelling of the Swedish word for "twig". Many 19th century Scandinavians took surnames inspired by nature - like QVIST - when they moved to other parts of the country or emigrated. Experiencing nature is one of the most important aspects of riding our bikes for us. So QVIST stands for our love of nature. Besides, our freehub mechanism looks a little like the branches and twigs of a pine tree.

QVIST is fully rider owned and operated. We are engineers. We do not follow every marketing hype. We only do what we are convinced of.

We are based in the heart of Europe - near Dresden, Germany. We believe in local manufacturing and value creation. That's why we try to manufacture as many parts as possible in-house, in Germany and in Europe, even if global supply chains do not always make this easy or even allow it. We are committed to our customers - the riders. If we can't get a component in the desired quality in Europe, then we source it from renowned manufacturers outside Europe. For example, our rims and bearings currently come from China and Taiwan. We are driven by sustainability. That's why we make components that last, that give you pleasure for a long time, and that are repairable and serviceable.


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