As a sport, a lifestyle, a career, and an avenue to step away from the everyday stressors and doldrums, my love for cycling was forged that summer and has become a predominant part of my life. Haley was born this past summer of 2017. Our desire is to have a brand that represents the best of what we've been fortunate to experience in cycling: to be built in the USA; to be welded out of the best Titanium; to be artisan; and most importantly, to be fun. I don't race anymore, but at the end of the day, I want my bike to be able to provide everything from exhilaration to speed to zippiness, as well as stability, confidence, and comfort. We ride not to race necessarily, but we ride for the pure enjoyment of being outside.

We can build your dream bike as a road bike, all road bike, gravel bike, or even as a hardtail mountain bike. It can be built with a stock geometry, but ideally, we build it custom just for you. And to make it easier, we do not charge any extra for custom. and no hidden charges. When you order a Haley, you’re getting a bike built exactly for you; for where you ride, and how you ride.



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